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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Moraine Lake will surely be the first destination that will pop-up in your mind and even in your search results after looking for the best destinations in Alberta, Canada. We have compiled here techniques on how you can view Moraine Lake at its finest and get a lot of awesome photos of the Valley of Ten Peaks and the lake’s turquoise blue water.

Moraine Lake and Valley of the Ten Peaks photo taken last August of 2020 by ABestX.com

Best Month to Visit Moraine Lake

Famous for its picturesque view that would take your breath away and make yourself realize that there are places on earth where you get a piece of heaven, get your preparations right to catch this awesome view.

You will not see the turquoise blue water if you visit Moraine Lake in freezing seasons. Visit Moraine Lake from late June to early October during warmer months for you to appreciate how the melted glacier’s rock flour and silt work together to create the place’s famous panorama.

Finest Time of the Day to Visit Moraine Lake

Also, consider the time of the day when you’ll visit. Photographers will advise you to make sure to go there during the golden hours, after sunrise or before sunset, of the day to catch the best lighting. The sun’s light gives a glow to the mountains and the lake that make the place look glorious.

Interestingly, these hours are also the time when tourists are not flocking yet. To be honest, some visitors do not fully appreciate the view of the lake because of too many people. Do not let this hassle ruin your trip by arriving there first or last. You’ll have all the space and peace you need at these times.

Things to do in Moraine Lake while you are there

There is more to Moraine Lake than climbing the Rockpile Trail to get to a vantage point and get a good photo. You can also hike its different trails to immerse yourself more in nature. Just be wary of bears and other wildlife as you trek as there are plenty of them. Make sure to check with authorities before you start venturing.

If you are a water lover, kayaking and riding canoes are the quests for you. Contrary to the omnipresent viewpoint of being on top of the lake, boat and canoe views offer a perspective of being inside the greatness of the place. Get your cameras ready! This will be one of your paramount boat rides ever!

Visit Moraine Lake via Travel & Tour Company

This factor, though last, should be the first thing you should consider before visiting Moraine Lake. Because of the number of tourists visiting the spot, full parking spaces, traffic build-up and road closures are most common. Travel with ease and book with travel and tour companies.

ABest Travel and Tours Services might be the one you are looking for to save you from the fears of being stuck in a line, missing the golden hour, and not enjoying Moraine Lake. We are a licensed and insured tour operator, and this gives us the privilege to enter the lake vicinity and get parking space at the designated tour bus parking.

Skip the cab, skip the bus and skip the shuttles—book us now and we’ll take you there any time without any bother.

Contact us at 1-855-SKPDCAB or send us an email at booking@abestx.com

Note: Moraine Lake is open from mid of May to mid of October of the year. Check the national park advisory, trail closure, and weather conditions. Happy Traveling!


Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Calgary, Alberta – Canada

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